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Vikram vowed to be a fanboy’s recognition from Lokesh Kanagaraj to his object of worship, Kamal Haasan. Add to that, you have two force to be reckoned with of gifts in Fahadh Faasil and Vijay Sethupathi. Then there’s an appearance by Suriya. Likewise, there’s the Kaithi associate. How should have somebody brought these components into one film? We should see.

At this point, it’s known that ‘Vikram’ is essential for the ‘Kaithi’ universe’. Like in the Karthi-starrer, this film additionally starts with a medication bust. The stakes are higher this time as the gauge is around 2 lakh crores. So you can envision the dangers. Kalidas’ Prabanjan is the cop who holds onto the medications and he winds up dead severely by a group of concealed men. His embraced father Karnan (Kamal Haasan) likewise gets killed in comparative design.

Indeed, you read that right. The film starts in the most unforeseen of structures by killing Kamal’s personality inside the initial 10 minutes. Yet, it’s a Kamal film. You realize that can’t occur. You know there’s something else to what meets the eye. Still, Lokesh keeps his cards close for practically the whole first half prior to releasing the ‘apparition’.

Fahadh Faasil’s Amar and group, who are all essential for a mysterious organization, are shared by the police to seize the concealed men and settle the secret behind the series of killings. The whole first half is dedicated to Amar finding the hints and all the more critically, assembling data about this ordinary citizen, Karnan. In the meantime, there’s Sandhanam (Vijay Sethupathi), a feared criminal who heads a group of 64 individuals. Forcing himself as a specialist, he runs a medication cartel whose transfer is the one that disappears.

Despite the fact that Vikram was charged as a fanboy recognition, Lokesh didn’t go by the formats. He didn’t hold back anything hanging organic products. He has concocted strong content that offers an adequate number of minutes to observe Kamal Haasan, the entertainer, and the star. The chief is thinking for even a second to brave to keep Kamal missing from practically the whole first half. Fahadh Faasil shoulders the film till the all-noteworthy stretch block. From subsequently, the film goes into an all out activity feast with one set piece following the other. Once more to hoist these scenes is Anirudh Ravichander, who conveys a staggering work. The tunes and score are entirely in a state of harmony with the film and really raises the mass minutes.


Execution wise, Fahadh Faasil hoards a large part of the screentime in the main half. Be that as it may, when Kamal assumes control over, it’s totally his show. Be it the loot with which he plays out the tricks or the force in his eyes, Kamal demonstrates what his identity is. There’s a scene where Amar communicates his deference for Vikram. It was a magnificent cap tip second for Kamal from Fahadh.

To ensure that Sandhanam stands apart from Master’s Sandhanam, Vijay Sethupathi has attempted to get another non-verbal communication for the person. However his job gets a blazing introduction, the person isn’t threatening as it was expected to. His exchanges likewise aren’t discernible thus, the characteristics were absent.

After all the anarchy, the stage is set for Suriya’s entrance. Anything about the person would be a spoiler yet one can be guaranteed that the most recent five minutes of the film is a thrilling ride.

More or less, Vikram conveys what it guaranteed. Lokesh has thought of a fitting recognition for Kamal, eminently without sidelining different entertainers. Assuming the consummation is anything to go by, the chief is intending to take the universe forward and we as of now can hardly stand by.

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